I Drink Your Blood

I Drink Your Blood

Thanks to The Mahoning Drive-In and Exhumed Films I got to experience I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Skin the way they should be experienced...as a drive-in double feature.

I drove two and a half hours in the rain out to North East Pennsylvania and this was the first movie showing that night. I left work early because this is obviously more important...

So basically we have a dirt cheap, post-Manson horror movie where a bunch of satanic hippies roll into a small town and wreak havoc. Pretty soon after they show up, cinema's worst written child character decides to inject rabid dog blood into their meat pies (no that is not a euphemism, although that would be a damn good one) and give them rabies.

Next thing you know you have a group of rabid hippies with swords and daggers and axes roaming around town.

Did you know that rabies can be sexually transmitted? I sure as hell didn't but now I do...

This movie is horribly acted and the dialog is ridiculous. There are a million one-liners in here that will have you cracking up and repeating to your friends.

Grindhouse Releasing is putting out a Blu Ray soon and I love that we live in a world where this movie is getting that sort of treatment. Some guys from Grindhouse were there at the drive-in filming interviews for a bonus feature but I was feeling a bit camera shy so you won't see me in there...

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