The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★½

I can understand why this film isn’t regarded highly, but I had such a good time with it that I really don’t care! It’s a huge film to witness and I bet it would’ve looked amazing on the big screen with its gorgeous set pieces and locations! It gets some things really wrong but I think it gets some things quite right!

Johnny Depp is hilarious here, basically every single moment he was on screen he made me smile! And yes, a white person playing a Native American is pretty darn awful but Depp still manages to do as good a job as he always does! Tonto, for me, was the best character in the film! Armie Hammer does a good job as The Lone Ranger himself but he doesn’t really show a sense of character development which is a shame! But he’s cool and he delivers his lines well! Helena Bonham Carter looks fabulous and I love how they utilised her character but she’s in the film for around ten minutes even though it’s marketed that she’s one of the main characters! It’s a shame because I would’ve loved her to have had more screen time with her! Some of the film is quite silly! But sometimes it’s a good thing! Sometimes it can be quite eye-rolling but it’s easy to move past! I love the final battle on the train, it was my favourite scene in the film! So crazy, so over the top but I loved every minute of it! But I can’t stand the moments where we see Tonto in 1933! It made absolutely no sense to me and just distracted from the story! I also think it’s way too long, they could’ve easily cut around twenty minutes! But there are a lot of fun and hilarious scenes placed throughout and in general it’s a very entertaining blockbuster western!

Overall, The Lone Ranger may not be something that people will remember in the future! But in the moment, it’s fun and highly entertaining that I think most families will enjoy!

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