The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

I love animated films so much and I think this movie is a prime example of why that’s the case! This film is exactly what an animated film should be! It’s wildly entertaining with brilliant animation and great messages! It really checks all the boxes for a very solid animated family film!

The film being ridiculous and crazy works so much in it’s favour! It makes for such an great time! The animation is crazy, the characters are crazy, the story is crazy and that’s what’s so good about it! I think families are going to absolutely love this film! It’s a shame that it didn’t go to cinemas as this film would be a spectacle on the big screen! The animation is remarkable! The combination of 2D and 3D animation make for a bold and colourful treat for the eyes! It had me mesmerised! I love how the characters progress throughout the film, not only with themselves but with each other! Katie, our lead, has never really been able to connect with anyone because they don’t understand her and it’s great that she learns that just because people don’t understand your interests, it doesn’t mean they care about you any less! It’s a great message and Katie is a great character for young people to relate to! Parents might be able to sympathise with Danny McBride’s character, Rick, who always tries hard to have a strong relationship with his family but doesn’t do it in the best way! He too has growth as he learns to accept his daughter’s interests and their relationship is really well done! I loved Maya Rudolph’s Linda! She’s consistently charming throughout the film and she has some phenomenal scenes towards the end! Mike Rianda’s voice as the child of the family is a little hard to get used to at first but it ends up being very funny! And Olivia Coleman, who I love so much, is excellent as the film’s villain and she should definitely get more voice work! The comedy is so hilarious, I laughed out loud on multiple occasions as the writing is just so good! I think the film does get better as it goes along as it’s okay at the start but nothing compared to the end! It’s just such fun and hilarious entertainment for the whole family!

Overall, The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a colourful blast of fun, humour and brilliant messages that I highly recommend you watch if you find yourself needing something to relax to! I enjoyed it so much and I would not oppose to a sequel!

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