Black Dynamite ★★★★★

Michael Jai White plays the titular Black Dynamite, a retired CIA operative and Vietnam vet who happens to be a one-man army of badassery with his fists. After his brother is killed while undercover during a drug operation, BD vows revenge. God help anyone who stands in his way.

Hollywood Shuffle is cute. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is amusing, although I the Wayans' humor hasn't aged well for me. Undercover Brother is still very funny. Black Dynamite, however, is the ultimate blaxploitation spoof. Every time I watch it, I catch new things that I'd missed previously. This film is packed with lots of subtle, and plenty of not-so-subtle, moments that are downright hilarious.

If there's a funnier blaxploitation spoof, I want to know what it is.


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