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  • The Platform

    The Platform


    Big fan of the concept and I thought it was clever. I agree however that the ending was lacking. Going to the kitchen really did hit different after watching this

  • Watchmen



    Was hoping to be a huge fan of this one as I loved V for Vendetta and they are both based off Alan Moore comics. That was entirely my mistake and I shouldn't have gone in with that mindset. Rorschach is extremely cool, and I love his character but the rest of the squad were a bit of a miss. For 3 hours, I would have loved some more action... sadly, most of it seemed like talk met with the…

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  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    Overall, a really fun film in my opinion, I would've loved to watch this with a friend and just have a good laugh whilst still being kinda grossed out. The comedy aspect suited the film well and makes me look forward to seeing Army of Darkness in the near future!

  • Ping Pong the Animation

    Ping Pong the Animation


    Even though I watched some anime as a kid, I never exactly got into it as much as a teenager. Pokémon... Bakugan... Vampire Knight... and even one that I for some reason vividly remember but can’t recall the name of. It was about fairies hatching out of eggs and there was a cat guy. Anyways, it wasn’t until Ping Pong: The Animation that I had found the anime that was for me.

    First and foremost, I usually am not a…