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  • Threads



    I'm not sure how I can write a review for Threads or even bring the film to justice.

    I'm a huge fan of horror. I love horror films like Alien, The Shining, Hereditary, The VVitch, Possession, and there's many more I can name. These films scared me like no other mainstream horror film... but I saw Chernobyl and it's one of the scariest miniseries I've seen. What's scary about that show is that it's real. These events actually happened and…

  • Deerskin



    "Killer style."

    Deerskin is one of the more intriguingly absurd and funniest cinematic releases from 2020. It's more accessible, albeit nevertheless divisive, than Quentin Dupieux's film Rubber, which was a meta commentary on film that I wasn't a fan of, yet whereas Dupieux retains and grounds his absurdity with realism, Deerskin is much thematically richer and open to various interpretations.

    A character study of loneliness and toxic obsession, a coldly bleak allegory of experimental filmmaking and the industry, a terrifying…

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  • The Woman in Black

    The Woman in Black


    "Daddy, who's that lady?"

    I can't believe I'm this late to watching The Woman in Black, but here we are. It's a familiar ghost story that has its clichés and yes, it has a bit of a heavy reliance on jumpscares and it does make some editing mistakes. But you know what? This film is actually a pleasantly surprising gem to watch. What makes The Woman in Black feel different than the usual mainstream horror film is its Gothic atmosphere…

  • Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

    Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

    "You have perfect tits. I could hold them forever."

    If Wrong Turn 2 was the right step forward for the franchise, then Left for Dead is a massive stumble that is full of colossally ill-judged decisions. Whereas Dead End was made with passion and just out of fun, everything about this film feels cheap and dumbed down. There's no sense of originality or freshness to be found. The writing is a disaster and the setup is just moronic. I understand…

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  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    "No, I'm gonna meet mommy at the station."
    "She's not coming home today."

    Hirokazu Kore-eda's films are filled with so much humanity and watching them are like getting warm hugs... until he hits you with a massive gutpunch and leaves you an emotional mess. The story that Nobody Knows is based on is heartbreaking and far more disturbing, yet there's always sensitivity and intelligence in Kore-eda's direction and he makes his characters feel like actual human beings. He shows the…

  • Entanglement



    "These special little particles are created together and then no matter where they go, they're bonded... forever."

    It's nice to discover small indie films that have been thrown under the radar and I generally enjoy them, but there was something deeply lacking about Entanglement that prevented me from getting attached. It's a film that means well and will connect with a lot of people. Its themes of depression, mental health and connection are relatable and Entanglement has the right tone…