The Favourite

The Favourite

I dreamt of stabbing you in the eye.

More thoughts to come soon but I ABSOLUTELY needed to log this right now. What Barry Lyndon is to Kubrick is what The Favourite is to Lanthimos. A game of chess, played with the most manipulative and seducing tactics and yet ever so precise. Yorgos Lanthimos is at the top of his game here and I just need to enunciate how amazing and entertaining this was. All the accolades this has gotten is all but true. For a second I started to believe I’d be disappointed? How dare I. Go see this as soon as possible.

Edit: I’ve changed my mind. I’m not gonna write any more thoughts about this. What I’ve written leaves enough ambiguity and you should just go in with as little as possible as there are, quite literally, some sugary layers. A piece of twisted, satirical, unparalleled genius with some of the most committed acting and cinematography of the year. Every bit of what’s accomplished here is delicious.

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