• Adrift



    i think we should all start sucking warm skippy peanut butter off of our lovers’ fingers

  • Shadow in the Cloud

    Shadow in the Cloud


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    this is without a doubt the most batshit movie you will see all year...no other movie moment this year will be able to top chloë grace moretz chasing after a bat-gremlin on the desolate coast of new zealand after it steals her baby lodged in a document bag, beating the ever-loving shit out of it until she rips it’s throat out, and then proceeding to breastfeed her child until the credits roll and hounds of love by kate bush plays.…

  • The Human Voice

    The Human Voice


    tilda swinton submissive kinky legend

  • Clockwatchers



    “you can’t fire me, you don’t even know my name.”

    precisely pinpoints the confining nature of post-grad “professionalism” and the struggles of finding your purpose doing work that doesn’t matter. clockwatchers is an underrated 90s classic through-and-through and i wish it would get the recognition it deserves!

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    definitely pretentious overall and the dialogue is weirdly hollow and relates back to nothing...at least the cinematography was nice !

  • Mr. Right

    Mr. Right


    something about sam rockwell gives me such an intense, primal fear and i have no clue why. also i can never remember what he looks like until i’m unknowingly half-way through one of his films and i’m terrified. i’ve seen 11 of them. i’m in hell.

    also the 20 year age gap between rockwell and kendrick is like fine but WHO did the costuming for anna kendrick and WHY did they dress her in some weirdly childish outfits....like what the…

  • Stowaway



    okay yeah it’s not as deep or insightful as it thinks it is, but that doesn’t discount this film from being an engaging outer space thriller!!! collette and kendrick both give solid performances and the score helps build tension SO well throughout this long runtime. i definitely should not have watched this for my post-finals de-stressing movie night.

    also not to be that guy who compares somewhat unrelated films but i found this way more enjoyable than Gravity; sue me!

  • Revenge



    a classic!

  • Before I Fall

    Before I Fall


    that ending was so bad.....sheesh

  • Afternoon Delight

    Afternoon Delight


    “i thought you hated twitter.”
    “i don’t hate it...i lurk...i’m a lurker.”

    a kathryn hahn movie directed and written by a non-binary filmmaker...this film is basically lgbtq+ history if you really think about it !!! not good history, but history nonetheless LMFAO

  • Chained!


    this was so incredibly fun! i love how fresh this perspective is on lgbtq+ life :’)

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    we watched this for hannah and big monke <3

    also the air that i breathe by the hollies goes so hard