The Father

The Father ★★★★

As a heart wrenching tale of a father suffering from dementia, The Father opted for an extremely ambitious approach, presenting the narrative from the aged father's disorienting point of view, where the line between reality and hallucination is simply non-existent, and regrets from the past keep creeping in through the seams of memory. At times it's uncannily reminiscent of a horror movie, yet underneath all the stylish choices, it's still at core a family drama aiming at breaking your heart into a million pieces.

Despite a somewhat uneventful plot, The Father feels harrowing enough, thanks to a strong cast, led by Anthony Hopkins' heartbreaking portrait of a helpless father, who depends on his daughter as much as a little boy depending on his mother, which makes the last brutal scene all the more devastating to sit through. It's a scary cautionary tale that's simply going to resonate with everybody, and make you want to treat your father better. Highly recommended.

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