Die Hard: With a Vengeance ★★★½

An everlasting gobstobber of irresponsible action movie mania. I had forgotten how much of the movie’s chaotic and rambunctious spirit is indebted to the use of 90’s N.Y.C. as a central location.

Also had forgotten what a pigheaded, maniacal little shit John McLane is in this movie: he’s no longer that interested in protecting the innocent, clearly it’s much more fun to endanger them in outsized, theatrically reckless ways! He’s a true cop in that sense: a man of average intelligence with a debilitating machismo complex, whose response to acting as a public servant is essentially “yeah, sure, but what has the public done for me lately?”

The racial stuff with Willis and Samuel L. almost gets at something uncomfortably honest before backpedaling into cringey “white guy” humor that is very of the period, but this movie moves at such a breakneck pace, complaints such as those more or less fade into the background. AND the movie ends with him calling his estranged ex-wife. Major 90's dad energy!

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