I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★½

Does Hollywood know what to do with Rosamund Pike post-"Gone Girl"? Who the fuck knows, but this is almost certainly the most committed and uncompromising display of the actress' trademark steely self-possession since David Fincher dared to show us the dark side of Doogie Howser. "I Care A Lot" understands what an audience wants to see from Pike: we want to see her destroying her enemies with mere stares, and puffing on a comically large vape the size of a nunchuck.

The film itself? Man. All over the place: too many left field twists by half, I suspect, and a tone that veers too often into the facile, like Martin McDonagh without the race-baiting bullshit. That said, this movie strives for and often successfully maintains an admirably peculiar vibe, and it can certainly be recommended on those very singular grounds.

Things fell apart for me a bit near the end, but the entire cast is aces: not just Pike, but also Eiza Gonzalez, a beautifully unhinged Dianne Wiest, and the oily, confident king himself, Chris Messina. Sometimes, all you really want to see in a movie is the great Peter Dinklage playing a lethally sincere crime lord who rocks a man-bun.

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