Little Nicky

Little Nicky ★★★½

“Little Nicky” sees the Sandman and his pals, whose collective popularity at the time was arguably as high as it had ever been, taking some of their hard-earned box office cash from the “Billy Madison”-“Big Daddy” run and turning it into real-life fuck you money. Steve Brill’s unhinged, needlessly expensive cult classic about the slack-jawed son of the devil running amok in New York with a talking bulldog named Mr. Beefy and two Ozzy Osbourne-obsessed metalhead acolytes is still as close to a shameless blank-check indulgence as anything that Sandler has ever made. To this day, I believe Nicky to be one of his silliest, purest comic creations.

Aggregate critical response aside, it’s hard not to concede that the comedy of “Little Nicky” is more legitimately eccentric/possesses more of a vividly fucked-up point of view than so many of today’s studio comedies; one could even make the argument that this movie foreshadowed the contemporary anti-comedy wave, perhaps even by accident. It's hard to say if Sandler never would ever make another movie quite as polarizing or out-there as “Little Nicky” ever again (no, “Jack and Jill" doesn't count, for a million reasons). Alas, this giddily juvenile and warm-hearted Satanic jape has aged shockingly well, at least for a comedy where Hitler is punished by having a pineapple ritualistically shoved up his ass.

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