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  • Whiplash



    Don't kill me film students

  • The Lunchbox

    The Lunchbox


    Clear shades of Italian neorealism: long frame holds and ambience. A very enjoyable tale that outlines the mundane and repetitiveness of life, dealing with social disconnection caused by nostalgia and reminiscence of the past. RIP Irrfan Khan.

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  • The Piano

    The Piano


    Why couldn't they just let her play her damn piano? This film triggers all sorts of gazes. Unfolding of a beautiful narrative about a true pianist who wants nothing but to perfect her craft.

    Holly Hunter's performance as a mute pianist is spectacular, able to substitute her voice with the vocals of her piano to convey her emotions and message. She is depicted as the "mute" of the cast, but yet portrays with the most emotions, color, and vocal on…

  • Back to the Future Part II

    Back to the Future Part II


    It’s 2020, where are our flying cars?
    1985 Biff lowkey reminds me of Trump.