Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

Finally got to check this out.
I went into this knowing some of the cast and that it was by Zack Snyder and of course it was a Zombie movie ha ha but that's really all I knew.
Sadly the cast didn't really work for me. No one really fit their characters well. The only ones I really enjoyed were Nora Arnezeder and Omari Hardwick and I thought Hardwick had some good chemistry with Matthias Schweighöfer but that's really it. I'll get more into what I think was going on with the cast later.
Normally I like Snyder's visuals but I found this to not work for me much. Not saying it was awful but normally when he is directing I scenes visually stand out for me and that didn't happen here, maybe because he was also DP and not collaborating with someone? I'm not sure, but it just wasn't really working for me but still had a nice style to it. Loved the makeup and the sets were awesome. Those opening credits though! 😍 And yeah the gore looked cool ha ha.
I'm also shocked the original score didn't stand out as much as I was hoping they would. I'll admit I was listening to this at a low volume so maybe that had a factor? But yeah nothing about the score stood out. The soundtrack did stand out and I thought it fit the style well. Some interesting choices and some ones that I thought were a funny way to go. I thought it worked.
Hmm what can I say about the story without spoilers? I'll say this was just too long for my taste. I feel like not all my questions weren't answered which has always been a turn off for me with movies (not sure why ha ha). And back tracking to what I said earlier about the actors not really working for me or fitting their characters, I feel a big reason for that is also the writing. The dialogue did not work and didn't have a natural flow to me. I wouldn't understand or couldn't connect much with characters. It just felt all over the place and random things would get thrown in.
But I will say that I was able to still find entertainment with this. You kinda know what to expect going into a Zombie movie and I feel like this provided what you mainly want from a Zombie movie. And I personally really enjoyed the direction they went with the Zombies and how they were. Found it interesting. The ending climax was also a bit thrilling but I just wasn't a fan of the very end.
So yeah I was able to still have fun with this. Lots of stuff didn't work for me which is why this isn't a need to own or see myself rewatching but I wouldn't be surprised if down the road I revisit again. I can see why people don't like this and I can see why people enjoy this.
P.S. also just found out they are making a prequel? And about something I would have never guessed? Ha ha. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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