Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★★

Very low 3.
So actually, this was better than I remembered it.
I still really don't like Ultron. Maybe if they got a different actor but the character was still a letdown. I was not a fan of his dialog at all.
It's still nice seeing all these characters fight together. All the actors work great off each other. Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were great additons. Love them. They provided some nice emotions. Also liked learning more about Hawkeye.
The action is of course awesome to watch. Nice action shots. The opening was really cool as well as the final battle. But of course everything is so dull-looking. This movie could have really popped and been so vibrant.
The music is ok, nothing that will stand out but I felt like it's an improvement over what's been done.
I definitely have not seen this many times ha ha. I totally forgot we see Andy Serkis in this and that they mention Wakanda! I had no memory of that ha ha.
This movie was fun to watch and held my attention better than other Marvel films. Just another let down of a villan. Not a need to own or get in the mood to watch though.

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