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This review may contain spoilers.

5th Viewing. 👀 3rd logging.
Had a great movie night with friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. We were texting and they had mentioned they hadn't seen these movies so thought it would be fun to watch them together. 😁
I really don't know what else to say about this movie that I haven't already.
I am a fan of these movies and I am so excited for the next one.
This one is just so great.
I felt I wasn't fully into this as am I other times, I mean you know how it is when you're watching a movie with other people. Isn't always quiet, some chatting, people getting up and of course people on their phones 😂 ha ha but I still love this so much. And I'm glad my friends did like these movies and do plan on seeing the next one.
I really wouldn't have written a review but since I started a new tag "moment that gave me the chills / goosebumps 🥶" I just wanted to mention what it was. I had noticed it on my 4th watch but didn't write a review then so now I'm making it up for it. Even though I was a bit distracted with this watch I did notice I still got the chill down my spine a bit at the same spot so yeah still counting it. The moment in question is near the end when Ed and Lorraine are about to leave and they are on the train and Ed realizes that he needs to play both recordings at the same time for the full message. Then Lorraine slams back into her seat for her vision. I really am not sure why that moment does it for me? Ha ha. I think it's the sound and I don't know it's just pretty creepy ha ha. But yeah that moment gives me the chills ha ha.
Still think the cast is great. Will love Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga forever. 😍
Still love the music.
Still think this looks cool.
The Crooked Man is scary as fuck! The part where he looks like the dog!!!! 😩😩😩 Ha ha.
I really am not a fan of movies where the main character knows the truth and no one believes them, so I love the fact that almost right away everyone experiences what Janet is going through, even people outside the family like the cops. I mean there are people that still don't believe Janet but it's not as stressful because Janet isn't alone you know? So I think that's why this is just more enjoyable for me.
Love this one so much. Love both so much and can't wait for the next one!!

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