Teenage Emotions

5/9/11, 6:28 PM
her: okkay so basically this whole party thing is becoming too big of a deal. yes, i did make the list of.......5 girls and it was not kristina but its just 5 girls and its just a hang out its like not even a party...litterly im not even lying...its 5 girls..and i heard that you've been telling people that its a huge party but its not AT ALL its 5 girls and we've been drifting so i didnt invite you and im sorry for that but we arent that close this year...so yeah just had to clear up the confusion

me: what the fuck...i have not been telling anyone that its a huge party...i dont know what everything is saying...im not even making a big deal out of it...i talked to you and then it was over...and then kristina got involved which i didnt want to begin with which is why i didnt even talk to her about it...everyone is fucking with my words and i only was talking about it with like carly and monica because i was like crying on the bus...and i told sophie because i wanted to know if i should say something to you...its like that whole carly f thing when you told me to say something to her...you know you would feel exactly the same way if i didnt invite you to my party...like honestly you both make me feel like im this godawful person just because i brought it up...but anyone in my position would do the exact same thing unless they didnt want to be the persons friend anymore...

her: okayy i get that i would have been pissed off to, lets just forget thiss because thsi whole situation is so freakin retarted its like middle school shit

me: honestly i was done with it 2 days ago...and i had only wanted it to be between you and me because i knew it was going to blow all out of proportion if someone else was involved...if i talked to anyone it was only for advice, not to get anyone mad. this was only half about the party...i was more concerned about how our friendship is going more than anything and i just wanted things to get back to normal...like last year when we were like best friends...cuz i honestly dont kno what happened between us...and ik that sounds really lesbianish cuz it sounds like we have a relationship or something but its true

her: Yeah i completely get that cause we were like BESSTFRIENDS and now we areent and it does suck but i mean i think we should just dropp this situation cause its stupiiddoo (if thats even a word...ahaha)