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  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    looks like a verizon commercial, but sounds like... a verizon commercial. should have been the length of a verizon commercial

  • Suburbia



    this was a sad one for me! idk, seeing broken teenagers inadvertently perpetuate cycles of destruction isn’t what I’d call a “feel good film.” weirdly the fact that these stilted performances come from non-actors made it even more believable to me because you know on some deep level their dark circumstances are authentic otherwise they wouldn’t have been cast. weird to have a punk movie where the only unambiguously do-right character is a cop but it’s clear he’s an outlier…

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  • Stalker



    finished it & was like “wow....” and then immediately made myself choke imagining a letterboxd review that was like “ummm bechdel fail!!!!”

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    “we all have big asses. so what?”