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  • Nomadland



    a film that's so in love with its own Authenticity and Realness that it doesn't feel especially authentic or real. watching nomadland gave me an idea of what people who hate terrence malick feel when watching one of his films. when a movie is so insistent on its own beauty it becomes irritating pretty quick when you can't buy into it at all. zhao's free-flowing camera and the repetitive piano soundtrack are begging you to be swept away in this…

  • Only Yesterday

    Only Yesterday


    maybe your childhood is defined less by big and major events and instead defined more by tiny and seemingly inconsequential moments which all make for a tiny piece of who you become. none of the stories of taeko's life as a 10 year old bear any consequence on their own - it's all in the picture they accumulate of a quiet and silently crushing defeat of her dreams and desires. that picture isn't quite realized until 17 years later for…

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  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    jupiter jazz - bebop's loneliest episode and possibly its best. the decaying grimy setting and the melancholic saxophone motif bring an ethereal, purgatorial vibe to the whole thing that really elevate the episode's portrayal of lost souls forced to confront their pasts. even without that really specific vibe that makes me wish that this went on forever, this is just an incredibly moving episode that brings new layers of characterization and pathos to the table. i do wish gren's queerness…

  • FLCL



    FLCL is some important shit to me. i finished re-watching it today and found more in it than i ever have before, so now i am writing about it. most people who have heard of FLCL will know it for its craziness and chaos, with the series destroying basically any logical storytelling or consistency that it might have, instead going for pure emotional expression over anything else. every episode is an onslaught of bizarre imagery and haphazard, ridiculous plotting, with…