• Keanu



    Finally, George Michael and WHAM! get the respect and recognition that they deserve.

    Face it, what's great about Keanu isn't so much the movie itself (although it is pretty fun to watch) but rather, it's the fact that it was released in 2016. That means that there's a good chance that George Michael actually watched this before he passed away and I really hope he did.

  • Chef



    I was going to give Chef a two stars for shits and giggles, but that would honestly be such a grave disservice to the genius behind the film.

    What will either be the greatest strength or the greatest flaw of Chef for audiences is the fact that the film does not really have a plot. Chef acts as a slice-of-life film that captures a couple of weeks worth of a struggling chef's life and his attempt to revive his career.…

  • The War of the Roses

    The War of the Roses


    Danny DeVito's narration scenes are equally as believable as a high schooler performing Hamlet during drama class.

  • Bicycle Thieves

    Bicycle Thieves


    Bicycle Thieves is a beautifully gut-wrenching and equally heartbreaking story of a man driven to his breaking point by the unforgiving nature of the world around him. I don't think I've seen a film capture sheer desperation the way Bicycle Thieves did.

    They just don't make 'em like the Neo-realists do (says the guy who has only watched one Neo-realist film).

  • The Best Years of Our Lives

    The Best Years of Our Lives


    While The Best Years of Our Lives is rather long-winded in its execution, the film still manages to excellently depict the trials and tribulations of returning veterans in a realistic fashion, which Hollywood neglected to portray until post-Vietnam films of the late 1970s.

  • The Departed

    The Departed


    What makes The Departed an excellent film is not so much to do with Scorsese's air-tight script or cast of rich characters, but it's due to the fact that Mark Wahlberg got punched in the face. Marky Mark had it coming and I feel truly honored that I got to see it happen. Thank you Scorsese, thank you so much!

    If anyone knows of other films where Marky Mark gets his Funky Bunch handed to him, please let me know...I'm serious.

  • Münchhausen



    I will never be able to put to words the visceral experience of pure madness that unfolded before me while I watched Münchhausen.

    From shooting shrieking and violent clothing to riding a cannonball into the Turkish Empire, Münchhausen is a film that you either need to have several screws loose to appreciate or be absurdly high on any and all narcotics...and that's the magic of it!

  • Soul



    While I can't fathom what made Pixar want to give children an existential crisis, Soul is undeniably a beautiful film and I’m glad to see Pixar back on their A-game after a long dry spell.
    This, however, does not mean that Soul is perfect. In fact, there are quite a few issues with the film.

    For starters, 22 was essentially another iteration of Dory right down to some of her mannerisms (minus the short-term memory loss) and there's no denying…

  • WandaVision



    WandaVision is what Joker was for DC, a breath of fresh air for a stale franchise. But naturally when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of the good that comes from their films (and now television series) is overshadowed by much more safe and mediocre content that hurts the final product.

    A note for readers: Skip to the last paragraph for a condensed version of my thoughts.

    [Spoilers for the entirety of WandaVision up ahead]

    Although I…

  • Too Many Cooks

    Too Many Cooks


    Some Disney executive definitely watched this short and proceeded to pitch WandaVision to Marvel and you cannot convince me otherwise.

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    From each carefully plotted line of dialogue that recontextualizes everything that came before it, to the cinematography that consists mostly of medium and medium-close shots which elevate the unsettling claustrophobic feeling that Kaufman excellently captures, not one detail of the film can be dismissed as purposeless. And despite this being my first time watching I'm Thinking of Ending Things, I’m certain that it’s an experience that would only be enhanced by further viewings.

    While the film is deliberately slow-paced and…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    Despite being a satirical dark comedy, there is an underlying sadness that accompanies American Psycho. It may be a dark comedy, but it’s a dark comedy about emptiness. It’s about a man (as narcissistic and psychotic as he might be) who lacks such a definition of himself that he has to preach the genius of Hewey Lewis and the News, Phil Collins, and Whitney Huston because he has no self-identity of his own. He is a man who can only…