Scalps ★★★

A prime example on what I call Mystråkig™, which directly mean "Cozy Boring, or - to officially - write down a new word, "Cozyboring"; something used, often in popular culture, and means it's SO boring it actually turns damn good (...and cozy). But the genius of Scalps doesn't lie in its beautiful cinematography, subtle paradigm-shifting script or the riveting acting on display. 

The secret instead lies in the absolutely magnificent electronic score, consisting of dark and surreal ambient, repetitive yet interesting pulsating experimental songs. Never experienced anything like it before; a mix between the cheapest American slasher/utter trash shot not just on Poverty Row but on Starvation Row and the atmosphere of the most mesmerizing European art house flick of the 70's. 

Yeah, I dig it. Live with it.

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