Fargo ★★★★½

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This was great. The story itself is actually pretty basic at its core. It's a crime investigation story. But what makes it work so, so well is the writing and the characters. I'd wager all my money (so about $3) that if I asked anyone that's watched Fargo what they remember most, they wouldn't say any specific scene (except maybe the Wood Chipper) but more likely a character or the overuse of certain words...yaah. Whether it be Steve Buscemi's character who just can't seem to catch a break or the near-silent Peter Stormare or the heavily pregnant cop played by Frances McDormand, someone so wholesome yet also quite the badass when it came to police work. My point is the characters and how they are written and performed is what makes this film work so damn well.

My one complaint, I guess if you can call it that, is that for the first act, William H. Macy (who I love) is the protagonist but he's pretty despicable in his actions and doesn't have any redeeming qualities. Once Frances McDormand comes along though, that issue goes out the window.

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