Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

2019 Ranked
Directors Ranked: Quentin Tarantino

Film #13 of my Tarantino Formerly Known As Quarantineathon But We Are No Longer In Quarantine In New Zealand Marathon
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Here it is; the final stop on my Tarantino-thon. I have to say, I am very surprised with how my final rankings changed. Four films, the top and bottom two, stayed the same. Everything else changed though. Django, Jackie Brown and Kill Bill 1 dropped while the other three rose, including Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood.

I dare say that of Tarantino's period pieces, this is the best at drawing you into this world. That is due to the excellent cinematography (this is QT's best-looking film), era-authentic score/OST, and of course the painstakingly recreated set design, which gives us a very accurate 1969 Hollywood. Honestly, the way this film was made blows my mind.

Yes, it's fair to say there isn't much of a narrative, but this time around, I got sucked right in to whatever little narrative there was; Rick Dalton's existensial crisis; him being a fading star. It worked for me. Pitt was still great as Cliff Booth, I'd still say the best part of the film overall. That scene where he goes to Spahn Ranch was intense. I was on the edge of my seat despite having seen this before. I still think Margot Robbie was underutilised here, but she was good when she was here.

This is honestly a banger and I fucking love it. I also loved doing this marathon. Now I must shamelessly plug the podcast my buddy and I did where we ranked these films...

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