Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ★★★★

2007 Ranked
Directors Ranked: Gore Verbinski
Ranked: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Writers Ranked: Terry Rossio

Weird. This is the film I actually anticipated dropping in my rankings, yet not only does it jump up a full star rating for me, it moves ahead of Dead Man's Chest into second place on my Pirates rankings, and I genuinely couldn't be more surprised by this.

Yes, the film is still a bit too long with a lot crammed into it, but that is also the case for the second film. It is also true that this is the film where Jack Sparrow's shtick is starting to get a little stale...just a little. But this film does a few things better than the second film.

First off, the action sequences in this are insane. That final ship battle in the maelstrom gave me a raging boner. Like, it's really good. It might be, nay, it definitely is the best action sequence in the entire franchise.

Secondly, the story arc regarding Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann is much more interesting this time around. I have said that Turner was a very vanilla character, but he improved big time in this one.

Yet again, we also get more cool characters added to this franchise, even if their time here isn't a long stay. Adding in the other pirate lords just adds to the world building, of which I am always a sucker for. But the best addition of course, is the father of Jack Sparrow, played by none other than the seemingly immortal Keith Richards, which I didn't know was actually a main inspiration for the character Jack Sparrow.

So while this does indeed have a convoluted storyline and characters that are starting to get stale, At World's End features some incredible CGI and an ever-expanding cool world of pirate mythology.

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