Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★

“And-and incidentally, you're also not Superman; you're a comedian. You want to do mankind a real service? Tell funnier jokes.” 
Stardust Memories (1980)

The sad parts weren’t thought provoking. The funny parts weren’t funny enough. The entire special felt so full of itself despite being so self deprecating in nature.

Despite most of the running time being taken up by talking about deep philosophical subjects, most of it felt shallow, with a only few  moments of insight.

Not only that, he keeps insisting that “no one” wants to laugh when theres no one in the background, or when the world is too serious. That’s bullshit. People have been making funny things for the past year and a half. Especially bizarre is the “laughing in the background” comment, he started his career without anyone laughing in the background! The presumption of all of that rubbed me the wrong way for the duration.

As filmmaking, Bo is excellent at making it interesting cinematically throughout.

I wanted to like this. I’m a fan of his.

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