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  • In the Shadows

    In the Shadows

    Back in the dead of winter 2019, Denis Côté programmed a series of eight German films presented at Cinéma du Parc over four weekends throughout February (these shown there in addition to the theatre's popular Goethe offerings). And one of the two prints shown, Im Schatten (In the Shadows), was a really wonderful surprise for me. Occasionally I'm truly shocked at how nobody in my substantial letterboxd followings group here have logged seeing certain titles (no others at all so…

  • Baby Doll

    Baby Doll


    A trio of performances (none of which were from major matinee idols of that era) drive the crazy moonshine jalopy that is Baby Doll. Elia Kazan directs Tennessee Williams's adaption of his play 27 Wagons Full of Cotton for the big screen (although Kazan claimed to have handled most of its screenwriting alone), and it certainly aroused some outraged activity from the self-declared guardians of public morality over sixty years ago.

    Karl Malden, Carroll Baker, and mature newcomer Eli Wallach,…

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  • Auto Focus

    Auto Focus


    The beginnings of home video equipment's presence in the USA, and the increasingly brazen activities of North Americans during the sexual revolution as well, are enormous parts of Bob Crane's story. Once upon a time, the Los Angeles based radio DJ rose to international fame as a television star with Hogan's Heroes. Crane also had ambitions to become a respected character actor on the big screen. But then he experienced a downfall after his show went off the air in…

  • Slut



    Wow. Watching this short, you feel its genuinely scary atmosphere from moment one, and it doesn't let up until the grisly end. Molly McIntyre is so good in the lead role, you can see her star potential right away. Her Maddy is a character that immediately joins the ranks of the best young-lady-in-trouble performances, right up there with Jamie Lee in Halloween and Sissy in Carrie. She is that impressive.

    Chloe Okuno has written and directed a superb film that…