Where Is My Friend's House? ★★★½

Secret Cinema: Recommended by Brian.

The main actor is so great. His character is so sweet and persistent too. All the child actors are sweet in this, actually.

The adults are so annoying, and the kid had more patience than me. This film felt a lot longer than it was, from watching him run around (damn, his stamina is good!) and listening to older folks waste his time.

They're time wasters, and self-interested, passing down rules and behaviours that don't make sense outside themselves, whilst also encouraging kids to disregard the rules of others (in their favour, under the guise that it's for the kids).

Lesson to learn: Don't listen to elders when they don't even listen to you, or when you know they're just haters. But more importantly, don't become them. Take what kindness you had in you as a child and preserve it for yourself and others in your life.

The boy was such a gem 😭❤️


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