Possessor ★★★★½

Brandon Cronenberg’s second film, coming a whole 8 years since his last and his continual effort to continue his father’s legacy in a distinctly similar style and thematically in its psychological analysis as well. While I enjoyed Antiviral, I though he still had a ways to go to reach his dad’s greatness, it might just be here, I did not expect to be this damn great. Cronenberg Jr. proves that he can be a genuinely fantastic filmmaker in his own right. A low-key cyberpunk sci-fi story about a hitwoman who can possess other people’s bodies to enact a hit, which gets complicated during a hit in which it all breaks down, creating some serious questions on the limits of free will and deep-seated desires. Also has some seriously nasty violence at points, a great synth score and some damn fine editing especially in the scenes switching between possessor and possessee. Andrea Riseborough has become one of my favourite actresses working today and excels in great genre films especially, combined with the likes of Sean Bean, Jennifer Jason Lee and Christopher Abbott, who seems to excel at playing depressed asshole boyfriend characters; this is a damn fine cast all around.
The only thing I worry about is if Brandon Cronenberg doesn’t make something different soon, he will have to live in the shadow of his father forever, which would be a shame.

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