Blindspotting ★★★★

These past few days have been absolutely insane. If I’m being honest, I’m not educated enough to act like I know what I’m talking about, so I’ll just link a website for you all to support this movement. 

I found that a lot of people have been talking about this website, so I’m going to have to trust them. Being a white guy myself, I really can’t know what African Americans are feeling right now, and that makes me sad. I don’t think anybody should have to go through the things that some of the them do. I can’t believe that there are people out there who think that this movement is a joke. It’s not.

Breonna Taylor is from my hometown, and that hit us all hard. The fact that something that absolutely horrifying could happen to someone is so sad. No matter what race you are, you should be supporting the people going through this. Please don’t just skip over this post. Please, go to the website I linked and do what you can. 

Since I only linked one website, I’ll leave it up to you guys to link some more in the comments. It would mean a lot to me. Please don’t be assholes and comment racist stuff. This really isn’t something to make jokes about.


Blindspotting is a masterpiece. I can’t think of many movies that could be as relevant as they are during these current times, yet also being this masterful in it’s filmmaking. Daveed Diggs gives the best performance of his career in this thing. Also, the only other thing that I’ve seen Rafael Casal in was Bad Education, and he was great in both. The pure tension in this movie is insane, especially considering how light and funny other moments were. A lot of films that are this strong in the first two acts start to falter towards the end. In Blindspotting, that wasn’t the case at all. In all honesty, the third act might be the best part. I really love this movie, and it’s easily one of the best of 2018. No joke, everyone should see this.

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