Southland Tales ★★★★

A brilliant critique of American culture in the 2000s. Pretty funny, really well shot, and incredibly avante-garde, this is a movie that pushed cinema to the max, and didn't hold back at all. It has clearly inspired or was inspired by the same ideas as a few films such as John Dies at the End and Team America: World Police, but it will probably only be in a few more decades that this movie will be appreciated more for its contribution to cinema as an art form. I loved its critique of the American cinema culture of the era specifically, as it satirizes many tropes of American cinema.

There is a lot here I didn't get but I didnt think I needed to get it all. It is a bit overstuffed, and I tend to hate movies that try to be about everything or even just a lot of things, but this does a decent job of allowing the viewer to laugh at it or with it or both. It is an artist statement not many will enjoy but every self respecting artist should respect. It takes an insane amount of guts to make a movie like this, to believe in it and show it to the world, and I respect the hell out of Richard Kelly for doing it.

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