Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

This is my like my fourth(?) time seeing this and I gotta say, the presentation of this film is what gets me, Tarantino transformed LA into 1969 for this amazing work and it is really all so believable. From all the references to old tv shows, movies, actors, to the vintage but pristine cars used, and even to the old kraft mac and cheese box when Cliff (Pitt) is making food.

It's also cool when you know about Tarantino's background and how he grew up in Los Angeles, so he really knows all of this stuff from his childhood, and all of these movie references from working at Video Archives.

The other part about the presentation that I actually love is how the whole movie is laid out into three separate days, and you pretty much experience what feels like the whole of these three days and the things these characters do throughout the day, and none of it is boring. It's somehow entertaining just watching these characters live their lives, but then it gets even THAT much more entertaining when shit hits the fan.. but thats just how its presented.

Just following the story arc of Rick (DiCaprio), you really get to see some character development, as he goes from being supremely insecure about his acting skills, to absolutely crushing it in a scene and being positively reinforced by other characters, and seeing how relieved/happy it makes him that it brings him to tears. Now don't get me wrong, Brad Pitt as Cliff was amazing and one of my favorite aspects of this film, but Leo absolutely killed it in this role showing off these emotions that his character is going through.

I just love this world and want to be a part of it. You really just keep wanting more of Cliff and Rick fuckin' around, and call me crazy but Cliff making dinner for him and Brandy might be one of my favorites scenes in the movie idk why.

10/10 please put the 4 hour version on Netflix like Hateful Eight