• Radiohead: Glastonbury 2003

    Radiohead: Glastonbury 2003


    who remembers gigs?!

  • Flatland: The Film

    Flatland: The Film


    what in the 3-dimensional heck is going on here and how the fuck did I find myself watching this

  • The Knife: Shaking the Habitual - Live at Terminal 5

    The Knife: Shaking the Habitual - Live at Terminal 5


    not me with tears rolling down my cheeks while the words “without you my life would be boooorrrrriiiiing” trigger something. beautifully choreographed dance moves, a crowd of passionate strangers gathered together for the love of music and theatre. 

    something to do with the last 12 months boredom of enforced lockdowns and how we are unable to dance and experience joy and ecstasy at shows like this had me in chills, weeping while I danced maniacally around my lounge alone.

    fucking iconic. comparable to Stop Making Sense tbh. I miss live music. I miss this band.

  • Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

    Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer


    Too much focus on the cops and not enough focus on the mob of angry locals.

    And not enough focus on the satanist stuff. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders about CIA involvement / MK Ultra (as per Manson).

  • Evil Genius

    Evil Genius


    Fuck. Personality disorders are gnarly.

    PD’s are radically under-researched. The most painful and dangerous of all mental illnesses, but the most unknown.

    I feel such sympathy for Marj and most these characters. I know how these things can happen.

    The way Narcissistic Personality Disorder individuals often find themselves wrapped up with Bipolar/Borderline Personality Disorder folks has to be one of the most fascinating and explosive combinations of energy on the planet. Unfortunately for me, I’ve experienced this unique combination of…

  • Holy Hell

    Holy Hell


    Couple of random notes:

    * I’m pretty sure cults like this, city cults with beautiful smart people, are established by the elite to help cherry-pick models, actors, musicians and escorts. Through hypnotherapy and drugs, disciples are able to be brainwashed into a dissociative state, which makes them easier to be manipulated. NVXIM definitely, but I imagine there’s countless others.
    * In order to get to this state, the disciple needs to be truly lost. None of these individuals join cults…

  • Annihilation



    “Our bodies and our minds will be fragmented into their smallest parts until not one part remains.”

  • The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz


    Friday night I did cocaine for the first time. I was in a regional town bar sqeezed into a bathroom with two strangers. It was 11:20pm and I shoved an unsanitised $5 note up my nose and then half hour later my part of the world entered a strict enforced lockdown.

    Victoria, Australia, Feb 2021, I’m watching The Band’s seminal concert The Last Waltz fucking loud through my entertainment system. Viewed via $2 DVD op shop sleuthed several years ago. I am thinking about drugs and death and time and absurdity and music and connection.

    Blatantly aware under these circumstance, I am wasting life.

  • Nico Icon

    Nico Icon


    perfectly sombre and beautiful. an ode to an icon

  • Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell Live

    Sufjan Stevens: Carrie & Lowell Live


    a beautiful tight left bicep protrudes from beneath a navy blue tank top. a yellow trucker cap sits atop askew, broken, busted and bent. meanwhile, the back pocket houses a red washcloth, for sweat or for aesthetic, it doesn’t matter. a falsetto floats from an angels throat. and then out of nowhere pow! spring! a vibraslap violently yet gleefully collides against a knee.

  • Woodshock



    d o p e & d e a t h & d i s a s s o c i a t i o n:
    A “discussion”

  • Belladonna of Sadness

    Belladonna of Sadness


    relatably sad and horny