Possessor ★★½

I guess I just don't get it. Like the mind control narrative is cool and the tech is weird and the tacky Ikea/Wayfair future production design is charming and the violence extreme, but my god it's so self serious and ponderous and grim and despite some good emotional beats ultimately is just about straight people figuring out their jobs and lives are kinda bad by having a queer gender experience, which like is actually the beginning of a narrative not the soul crushingly sad end of a tragedy.

I feel like prestige horror has convinced ppl that abstracted montages and self conscious color work and overwhelming synth swells is all it takes for a movie to have atmosphere. That's not atmosphere and it's no less plastic and phony than the swelling tones into sudden silence into shrieking violins of a jump scare, and at this point it's more boring.

Also a movie in 2020 opening with a black person being super violently gunned down by police that never has another black person in it but causes a crisis of conscience for the white protagonist? OK

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