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  • THX 1138

    THX 1138


    Solid scifi film from George Lucas, the inception of the wooden acting style that would define his later films.
    The title would also be the license plate # or locker combo to unoriginal geeks everywhere.
    Robert Duvall shaves his head and shaves everything else in a lofi lead performance.
    A movie whose ideas are better than its execution.
    Still a must see as it's better than Thx 1137.

  • R.I.P.D.



    A sometimes painfully inert action comedy wastes the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. The actors clearly look like they're having fun.
    Too bad the audience isn't.
    You look at your phone checking how long you've been waiting for the movie to get better.
    You're RIP before it does.
    RIP Don't.

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  • Superbad



    Fun fakt- Mclovin was the most overused word of 2007.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Greta Gerwig's outstanding directing debut finally lets me into a 17-year old white girl from Sacramento.

    That sounded too Roman Polanski/Woody Allen. Let me walk back.
    I meant, finally lets me get into what it's like being a teenage girl from Sacramento because I live around that area and I'm an Asian man and will never be a teenage white girl without reconstructive surgery.

    Gerwig's writing is so incisive and Lady Bird (the character) feels so singular a person yet…