Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

As much as we like to sell it as something bigger and grander, filmmaking is a craft and the more a person practises their craft the better they become. But no, not Zach Synder - he seems to be getting worse.

From non-existence characterisation and character development to woeful cinematography and a grasp of storytelling that you'd expect from a 10-year-old whose idea of depth is the most basic telegraph assed twist. Even the action, Synder makes 80s and 90s Hong Kong action movies seem conservative in their use of slow-motion. The Zombies are basically everything, which could be seen as either good or bad, I suppose. Me? I found it consistent with Synder's usual Axe Cop methodology of writing.

Ignoring the fact that this took me three sittings to complete, I can overlook that lot mostly. Overlook in the way that I don't care to ever watch one of this doofus's movies ever again. What I can't overlook is some of the worst music choices and needle drops I've heard during my time here on Letterboxd. I was actually embarrassed watching this during those moments. Which made a change from being bored in all the other moments, I guess.

Hey, at least Dave Bautista got a leading man role - 1 star for that, and for Hiroyuki Sanada playing an actual "human" (remember, Zack Synder isn't good with humans, hence the quote marks), rather than a vehicle for carrying a katana. That and the Tiger scene was cool, I'll give him that much at least. It isn't much but it is something.

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