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  • Def by Temptation

    Def by Temptation


    [said with utmost confidence]: "This freaky bed tells me that you are one hot-natured freakazoid."

    Instantly notable for being one of Sam Jackson's only ventures into horror in his vast and storied film canon. But more noteworthy and unique for seamlessly blending the horror genre with black culture, and extreme 1990 zeitgeist; this movie goes hard: inner city vampires, haunted preacher men, barroom ghouls, a succubus feeding grapes in a negligee as sax player blows in blue fog, old school…

  • Defenseless



    This movie's a thing of dark beauty, a vivid penumbra of noir light and blue shadow, tense and mood-drenched atmosphere, amazingly sharp direction and wildly scenic shots. Real scares dealing in nefarious subject matter and the story paints a grim portrait of human nature: detective Sam Shepard investigates systematic perversion while attorney Barbara Hershey rails helplessly against the wrongness. The opening kill scene is riveting and one interior setpiece is phenomenal. A raveled plot, tangled web of lies and duplicitous…

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  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    This seems to be getting a lot of Letterboxd abuse, I'm guessing because it comes across to many as goofy, vulgar, garish, exaggerated, overwrought, repetitive, tone deaf.....but hey, guess what? That's exactly what the book is like. The original novel is the providential result of 80's cocaine-fueled delusions of grandeur, the belief that simply with enough chutzpah and faith in your abilities you can write the best freaking book ever written, the biggest, most sweeping and ambitious manifesto of terror…

  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    I saw this with Death Spa at the Alamo, and I gotta say, it's a much more awkward watch in a packed theater than I expected. The room appeared to be divided into two groups: those who genuinely love it (yours truly included) and those who aren't quite in on the joke and/or just want something dumb to laugh at rather than with. Once the action really got going then everybody seemed to be on board, but for some of…