Clockwatchers ★★★★½

Much like Office Killer of the same year, this properly evokes the fluorescent dreariness of the modern workplace, as well-photographed as that film with the look and feel of workaday repetition, Wes Anderson-esque symmetrical/angular shots, muted colors and drabness set to soporific bossa nova muzak. I laughed quite a bit at the subtle dry wit and escalating cattiness as things steadily drove into the ground; anyone who's worked at a business slowly falling apart will find this relatable, along with the side-story about friendships drifting apart. A lot of little details capture the nuances of office bureaucracy and the cyclical rise and fall of promotions and demotions. Also refreshingly existential and philosophical about the subject of life as an corporate automaton, rather than just mining it for laughs. Movies like Career Opportunities and this one, about living in the moment with nothing but an uncertain future and temporary drudge work to look forward to, have only become more relevant as time has gone by; what might have seemed like a joke 20-30 years ago is now everyone's economic reality.

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