Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans ★★★½

Basically 3 and half stars for how it was made (the edits! the camerawork! the acting! the charm and emotion pulsing with each shot!) and doesn't get the full 5 for the misogyny. Not for sexism or at least demonstrating the sexist mores of the time, but for the incidents leading to violence of the Man towards women multiple times throughout the movie. In a sense there's a duality to the film as a whole as much as its theme of doubles for its characters: its simulataneously one of the greatest films ever visually constructed easily even if its own story isn't doing it any favors with its screwed up penchant for playing down domestic abuse.
Ultimately I would recommend and will be rewatching it, but with a hell of a caveat I have to give in case anyone else wants to check it out.

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