Every Lesbian Movie/Miniseries I've Seen

Every lesbian/ queer woman's movie and mini-series I've seen so far, rated and organized by year
Criteria: a lesbian or bi protagonist/deuteragonist or with significant screentime as part of an ensemble for the film to be perceived through their point of view and have an active role in the plot. I am excluding films with resolute homophobic messaging for bigotry: there is plenty of examples of imperfectly rendered representation here, but they underscore lesbian storytelling or experience as significant, and I'm not interested in films against that.
Includes: different genres of fiction, documentaries, limited or mini-series, feature length or short films, live action or animated or experimental, etc.
(The Black Mirror episode counts as a TV movie thanks to Netflix's categorization to widen it's nominations for the Emmy's and
Get Out being included is not a mistake- major spoilers for why so just watch it!)