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  • Trump vs the Illuminati

    Trump vs the Illuminati


    I liked how the lead alien sounded like a mixture of the Cryptkeeper and Starscream.

  • Berlin Horse

    Berlin Horse


    There was something about this where it made me think of the movies you could make with the Gameboy Camera.

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  • Frankenweenie



    I’m a little torn to what to classify this movie as. It’s a Disney remake of a beloved short film, but I don’t think the 2012 iteration of Frankenweenie belongs with those films. It stands on its own, there’s a lot of new content that compliments the source material, but it can also be argued as a movie that no one really asked for. This movie wasn’t a big hit at the time – I remember when it came out…

  • Fuzzbucket


    My sister and I put this on as joke during New Year's Eve, only to be surprised in the opening minutes that this movie briefly discusses New Year's Day.

    Happy 2021 everyone!