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  • Beyond the Darkness


  • Black Glasses

  • Incident by a Bank


  • Keeping Balance


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  • Beyond the Darkness

    Beyond the Darkness


    Diese Südtiroler waren mir immer schon suspekt...

    Also "endlich" auch einmal gesehen, kann man abhaken und vergessen. Ein halber Stern für den fun fact, dass alle Autos mit österreichischen Kennzeichen unterwegs sind.

    Und ein Stern für den Goblin soundtrack.

  • Black Glasses

    Black Glasses

    Dario Argento and Daft Punk collaboration, sounds almost too fantastic to be true.

    ...and, apparently, is. i really hope it isn´t, though...

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  • Infernal Affairs

    Infernal Affairs


    Rewatching this after some eight or nine years, it gives a completely new impression and for me in fact now easily ranks as one of the best HK films ever.
    Maybe it was totally wrong to see this film as a successor to the classic HK "heroic bloodshed" genre, the first "shootout" in this character driven study of two akin minds taking place just after an hour running time, and then it isn't a "real" shootout. So if you are…

  • Charisma



    What first seems to be a rather clear parable of "individual" vs. "collective" or "nature" vs. "civilization" gets more and more confusing as the protagonist observes and acts in this little detached wood-world which strangely reminds one of the images from the contaminated, unreal zone of Tarkovsky´s Stalker.

    The most fascinating aspect of this film is that almost all of the characters, as individuals as well as a collective, seem to act against their own motivations and beliefs as the story goes on. Preservation and destruction seem to go inseparably hand in hand.