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  • The Secret in Their Eyes

    The Secret in Their Eyes


    The titular phrase comes off both as a metaphor and symbolic representation for gaze and how it drives the narrative. Opening with a blurred, hazy sequence that we'll return to later in the film, it shifts to Esposito's (Darin's character) eyes. This is the central point of the film as memories play a larger role here- what we see or rather most of what we see, we only remember the visuals that impress themselves upon us. It doesn't matter if…

  • Tenet



    When it comes to Christopher Nolan, there are a lot of people who just blatantly dismisses his works because it functions in the mainstream. On the other hand, some people would go out on a limb to defend Nolan even if he'd just shot "Lungi dance." Now, to achieve a middle ground there needs to be a critical dissection of his craft, themes he loves to explore and his obsession with time.

    Tenet- Christopher Nolan's latest feature and possibly the…

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  • Happy Together

    Happy Together


    Lovers meet and then drift apart, only to return to each other's arms- swirling and floating in the foggy, misty currents of love!

    The remastered version essentially leaves out portions that make it quite a different film from its preceding version. However, the metaphor remains intact- the void that the queer community felt reflects equally in this searing conflict of heartache and loneliness.

  • Ankahi Kahaniya

    Ankahi Kahaniya


    It's becoming absolutely tedious, Netflix so stop it now!
    Chaubey's segment is the only one worth watching but that's only because he is such a fantastic director who can push bad things to be okayish. The story is still poorly written.

    On that note, it's a good time to plug our podcast episode (which also topped the Apple India charts this week!) where we discussed Netflix, film school, politics in cinema and many more.

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  • The Blood of a Poet

    The Blood of a Poet

    Part of The Criterion Challenge, 2021.
    Film #9: A silent film.

    An interesting visual experiment that tinkers around with form, space and time. But somehow fell flat for me- one reason could be my love for surreal aesthetics a la Dali and Bunuel that broke ground a year before this!

    Watched w/Collab gang.

  • Love & Peace

    Love & Peace


    Sion Sono is the ultimate postmodernist filmmaker from Japan in how truly remarkable his pastiches are. Infusing punk rock aesthetics with Kaiju, he creates a blend of fantasy fable that is so compassionate and full of empathy, it strikes with a fondness rarely seen in movies today.
    Lest I forget, Sono gets so much flak for his transgressive ideas and radical excesses yet it's a wonder how he deals with formal inventiveness and spiritual quest simply and affectionately devoid of any pretense. As they say, it is all about "Love and Peace" ;)

    Watched w/Collab gang!