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  • Double Fine Adventure

    Double Fine Adventure

    I really don't have the time to write this, I really don't, but I'm very much compelled to. This game the documentary is based on, along with this exceptionally well made documentary is the subject of is one (and possibly the only) video game I hold very close to my heart. I know this isn't exactly a film, and lately I haven't been reviewing films which are worthwhile enough, but I have an extremely personal connection with this documentary that…

  • Flagpole Special

    Flagpole Special

    never have I ever wanted something to exist more than this for no reason whatsoever, having seen none of Paul Thomas Anderson's work as of yet.

    EDIT: Having seen the Letterboxd synopsis, I no longer have a large interest in seeing this and I feel I've spoke too soon. Man, thought this would be something different entirely. Anyway, back to putting PTA's entire filmography into my watchlist. Good night.

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  • Too Smart for Strangers

    Too Smart for Strangers


    no what are you doing with my dear beloved characters. What have you created? At what cost? WHAT MADE YOU DO THIS WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO I CAN'T ASKKDGFGHJDFKBNAAZZ

    They really did turn Winnie the Pooh into Winnie the Poo huh

    what a blunder

  • Devil



    Okay so I saw this with friends on Saturday night, after trying to see 'In the Tall Grass' and deciding it was collectively not for us, and not fit for that night after seeing about 15 minutes. So we came across this and my mate put it on without telling me and I remembered this film I came across on Letterboxd featuring Logan Marshall Green part of a now abandoned series based off of M. Night Shyamalan concepts barely worthy…