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  • Superman



    Boom! That intro music hit me like a hurricane and in an instant I was transported back to the very first time I saw this movie. The very first movie I ever saw at 'The Pictures' with my Dad.

    He was a busy guy and always doing what he could for us. At the time, we really didn't get to see very much of him what with work and one thing and another, so having him all to myself (while…

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    It's bawdy, it's brash and I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, but man I love this movie. There is something about a fully grown redneck skimming like a graceful pit-bull across a frozen lake that gives me goosebumps.

    Oh, and Margot Robbie is brilliant.
    And Allison Janney is at her loopy-loo, psycho maniacal best too.

    "All those people who said I couldn't make it. Well fuck you! I proved everyone wrong"
    - Tonya Harding

    This is my fourth…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Wow. There are some truly, truly awful reviews of this masterpiece on here. The amount of flippant, infantile, basic-bitch nonsense targeted at what is one of the best musical drama's ever made is quite astonishing. Rant over. Sorry about that. Ahem.

    Thanks to Sophie, Siegel and the host with the most Ethan for bringing this back into my life with the last Cineflek podcast. You guys had me in stitches. Great banter... check it out peeps.

    Anyway, La La Land:…

  • Le Samouraï

    Le Samouraï


    This is the essence of cool. 60's French chic personified.

    Typically Melville and entirely engrossing, Le Samouraï breathes Parisian style for it's 105 minute runtime. The direction is so clean here, with a level of detail in the movement of it all that made me feel like I was watching a musical performance. A ballet with guns. Gangsters in tap shoes. And hats.

    The soundtrack is almost invisible on first listen but when you catch it, the tones are just…

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  • Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

    Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters


    Yukio Mishima was Japan's most celebrated author and left 35 novels, 25 plays, 200 short stories and 8 volumes of essays as part of his legacy. This is the story of his end, looking back to his beginning.

    The story is deep and rich, honest and moving. It covers the most significant periods in Mishima's interesting life, from young child to his final days with a cast that are engaging and believable, showing emotions where needed but never overplaying their…

  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria


    In this 110-minute, Oscar winning special Italian edition of 'All men are shits', Federico Fellini pulls no punches in illustrating the lengths they will go to mistreat, deceive and generally hurt the ladies in their lives.

    Cabiria is an absolute doll. A salt of the earth type that is honest, genuine and mostly just looking for love, stability and to be appreciated for who she is. She makes ends meet by doing the only job she knows and finds herself…