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  • Fear of Fear

    Fear of Fear



    this. film. is. unbearable.
    watching someone be so self-destructive is like looking in a funhouse mirror
    all of fassbinder’s films are about me

  • Querelle




    it’s hard not to love fassbinder’s ideas, but i wish there was more to feel-up here.

    fassbinder is absolutely in love with light and shadow play in querelle, so it’s a shame that the lights frequently wash out the beauty of their visuals into a less than dreamlike haze. while this is a very different position for fassbinder, it seems as if they still had issues growing out of their comfort zone. in one ironic hand, querelle could…

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  • Cruella



    for a movie so focused around fashion, the costuming isn’t as inspired as it could be, especially when the staples from the iconic 70s punk westwood era could easily guide the art direction. the outfits that do shine are more like quick flares rather than meaningful world and character building through balanced costuming. also i missed the after credits scene on my first watch because i forgot every franchise movie doesn’t put the end of their film before the credits…

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    it’s super brilliant how this film uses an alcoholic experiment to invest and level the viewer into the alcoholism experienced by these characters, since the highs and lows of drunkenness are not immediately relatable or interesting to an observer who is stuck watching others drink. the loose dance choreography is also beyond great!! watching others dance uncontrollably with joy can fill a heart to its brim. mads retains his excellency as the troublesome family man whose emotional loathings can’t help but be empathized with