Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces ★★★★★


i like to imagine this as a stand-alone film than supplementary footage to another.
it’s amazing to see the missing pieces’ extreme tonal resonance to the return and its unflinching and candid approach to pooling emotion and darkness, as compared to the polarizing difference of fire walk with me, which ultimately veils the grittiest aspects of laura palmer and twin peaks, perpetuating its townie facade. if all these scenes made final cut, the return would have much less to say and many of its beats would feel like a retread rather than a reprise. i’m glad lynch waited until they had ample time (18 hours) to develop twin peaks’ more emotionally gruesome veins and form a greater significance in the immense pain these characters go through. the agony of seeing all these bereft emotions pass through the screen is heart-stopping

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