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  • Evita



    Oliver Stone '85-'05 Marathon - bonus sidebar
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    Oh, that you should die only to find yourself immortalized by your enemies....

    I had been meaning to watch this film for years, and got really intrigued when I found out that Oliver Stone had pushed the project for nearly a decade, and is still credited as co-writer on the final version of the script. Imagine Stone doing an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical right after Natural Born…

  • Remember the Titans

    Remember the Titans


    2-Minute Review:

    I had always stayed away from this movie because it seemed like the kind of Disney-approved pablum that could as easily have come out during the Hayes Code era as now. One glance at the trailer and you get exactly what's going on here: a sports team does the sports and all their sportsin' beats Racism. Go Sportsers!

    After seeing it hold its position on list after list of not only great American football films, but also Black…

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  • King Richard

    King Richard

    Wait, was I asleep? Did we already make a smash movie about Venus and Serena Williams? No? Then why are we telling THEIR story through the lens of 'the man who made the women'??? We should be focusing on the QUEENS, not the "King". Have we not learned anything these past few years?!

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    2-Minute Review (Spoiler-Free):
    Firstly, all the talk about how you might need to watch 35 movies across 2 decades or whatever to see this is overblown. There are MCU films that are so tied to the greater goings-on in those other films that it feels as if you're fundamentally missing something if you're not up on several of the recent ones. You could argue that the previous Spider-Man film was like that, working as much as an epilogue to Avengers:…