• Lonesome



    imagine my surprise when i heard them talking??? i never heard of part-talkies until this movie wow but yes, this is so cute! if this was made today, i would probably rate it lower and deem it as a corny attempt of a romcom. this, though, is indeed a must-watch movie from the ‘20s and a very entertaining one at that!

  • Back to the Future Part III

    Back to the Future Part III


    okay this was the weakest in the trilogy... i don't like westerns or anything related to that... yeah i just don't like westerns period. dark the netflix series did it better!

  • Back to the Future Part II

    Back to the Future Part II


    the manure PLSSSS also i really love it when time-travel movies show the events that already happened in the background of the "current timeline" like when marty was witnessing himself performing again AAAAAAAAAA

  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    BEST FILM IN THE TRILOGY! (wrote this from the future...)

    p.s. also can't believe it's my first time watching this classic

  • Un Flic

    Un Flic


    third jpm movie! this was like le cercle rouge… boring. yep, i’m not gonna lie about it. like that movie, there’s just one long sequence in this film where it peaked in my opinion. but to be honest, just seeing alain and catherine in one scene is a huge treat to a nouvelle vague enthusiast like me!

  • The World of Us

    The World of Us


    Blue Gate Crossing took me back to my adolescence stage whereas this movie made me reminisce my childhood. Warning, this review’s gonna be personal.

    I was never a good kid. Sure, I was an honor student, hell, I was even an athlete before. But that’s not enough isn’t it? I think I said this before in another personal review, but whatever. I was born into my family a little too late. My mom was 35 and I already had 3…

  • Decalogue X

    Decalogue X


    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.

    Finally done with the film series! Dekalog 10 is not a strong conclusion to a historical work of Polish art, but still demands to be seen. This family drama of sorts is a great depiction of materialism and also sentimentalism. That ending is dark… but a little funny!

  • The Leopard

    The Leopard


    to be freaking honest,,, the film was kinda hard to comprehend without knowing the context and also the history of Italy. like, i just watched a 3 hour historical epic last week but it’s about our country which makes it easier for me. this one, on the other hand, needs to establish more background information if you are gonna suck me into a period in time in a place i know not that much of for thaaaaat long. but maybe that’s just me. anyway, i still enjoyed watching this for alain. and that dance sequence in the last hour is one for the books!

  • Islands



    Okay na eh, damang-dama ko na ‘yung kalungkutan ng katahimikan at pagiging mapag-isa sa simula hanggang kalagitnaan. Pero bakit biglang ganoon? Wala talaga akong makitang point sa ginawa nilang iyon sa dulo.

    It was actually okay from the start until that thing happened. I was already immersed in the sadness brought upon by the silence and solace then they just went ahead and ruin the vibe. I just don’t see the point in doing that twist… Why?

  • Decalogue IX

    Decalogue IX


    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife.

    Love isn’t all about sex, isn’t it? Well what is it about then? I’d like to revisit this someday back-to-back with Dekalog Six.

  • Decalogue VIII

    Decalogue VIII


    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

    Sadness all around. Love the callback to the second film. Practice what you preach and all that shizzle. Not really the weakest as they say, in my opinion. It hits harder when you learn that it was actually based on an experience of the Krzysztof duo’s friend.

  • Please Vote for Me

    Please Vote for Me


    the part where the girl cries and all of them follow PLSSSSSSSS THIS WAS SO CUTE i don’t like how it feels scripted though, but still a great movie to make way for discussions about how early children can actually be exposed to politics no matter what wing or influence and have no clue at all