Film ★★★★


Certainly a film. In all seriousness, legitimately thought this was really cool. There are films that feel "ahead of their time" that are worth watching just based on that aspect alone, and while Film has that going for it, it's also just interesting as its own short film removed from the concept of time. It's obsessed with gaze while focusing on someone who can't even bear the mere sight of himself, and whose appearance seems to shock and terrify the few people he encounters. As always, Buster Keaton absolutely thrives as a silent performer, his body language so precise and meticulous. It's a concept that benefits from near-silence. We have to sit focusing intently, our mind naturally dedicating itself fully to the images in front of us. The camerawork is stellar. Some camera movements are impossibly smooth even now, and the first-person shots, which I have no idea how the hell they did, are just incredible. Film succeeds as a short that in such a short runtime and with nothing "said" gets to say quite a bit about what it's like to see and to be seen. The medium of filmmaking is naturally voyeuristic, and that can be unnerving if you wrestle with it long enough. Who's watching you?


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