Happy Together ★★★★★

He has a place he can always return to.

The one restoration which I had seen already, but there is a world of difference between watching it on your computer where it can be susceptible to buffering issues, and then watching it on a big ass TV through a DVD that is going to keep the same picture quality no matter what. It's just a stunning looking movie made to look even better. The black and white here is maybe the best I've seen in any movie now, so much depth to each image, the kind of black and white that feels more luscious than many other films I've seen in color. Of course, when we do get the transition to color, those colors stun too. On this viewing, I picked up on Yiu-fai and Po-wing wearing a singular earring on different ears. It adds a ying and yang visual quality that always surrounds them. I adore this movie for so many reasons, but one of them is that it goes about portraying as many intricacies with romance as possible. There is a troubled romance at the center of the film, but it is a romance anyway, and for each moment of anger or distrust, there are many other scenes of tenderness between the two leads. That said, even with the super steamy sex scene that opens the film, the most intimate bit of physical contact in the film to me remains the lengthy hug between Yiu-fai and Chang. It feels so warm, something you wish could blossom into something further between the two characters, but most viewers would have to know in the back of their heads that this is going to likely be the very last time these people ever see each other. For a very, very long time, I considered the "Binary Sunset" moment in A New Hope to be my favorite scene in cinema. Now, I think it may be dethroned by Yiu-fai holding up that tape recorder. I have talked before about how much I adore the emotional sensibilities of Tony Leung, and this movie, that moment especially, it has to be his crowning jewel. Since I have seen Happy Together for the first time, every story that I have written has in some way had a piece of it in there. It's an inspiration to me, the film I have to think of at least once a day. I'm grateful to know its touch.


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